Datters originates from the Norwegian language, "daughter". Riding on 32 years of experience in design and production, we are able to provide our consumers with personalized creations unique to individuals.

Our products are made using only the finest imported materials. Our consumers are able to personalize their individual preferences and make their selection from a series of colours, designs and heel heights, to produce a pair of shoes that is unique to them.

Datters aims to combine this unique concept with their design and production system to create an innovative and interactive designing experience for our prestigious consumers.

Datters 来自挪威语(女儿)。秉持32年的设计经验和生产经验为消费者提供个性化定制。我们的产品使用进口和高品质材料制造。消费者能够从一系列图型中做出选择,然后改变颜色,款式和高度,生产出独一无二的鞋子。Datters 将这个想法与设计和流程结合一起,为我们尊贵的客户带来一个有创新,互动性的设计经验。

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